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Take Back Sander! by CO Cuddles

Howdy Elpeeps,

Excited for the EXP Table Reduction Update!? We sure are… and just in-time to because as you know, with new dungeons means new levels to cap to. We take you to the final showdown of Sander… the Elgang versus the Succubus Queen Karis! <3 (Who I and CO Pebbles currently have a girl crush on… Chloe is still in first place in my heart as my favorite villainess.)

Sander Part 3 (Two New Dungeons) and Level Cap Raise

Oh where oh where has the Anudran gone!? The Elgang tirelessly search for Sander’s Priestess of Wind and her captor… the evil and voluptuous Succubus Queen Karis!


Under the control of Karis the giant Behemoth the Ancient Guardian the El has awakened with the Wind Priestess inside. Utilizing the Caluso Tribe’s Wind Powered Ships you must stop the beast from destroying the City. Your mission is the incapacitate the beast with the Air Ship‘s guns. Defeat the Succubus Queen and save the Wind Priestess.

Heart of Behemoth

Once Behemoth is brought down and you have rescued the Wind Priestess… Karis escapes! But you wouldn’t let a villain like her off the hook so easily would you?! You must travel inside the guts of Behemoth (gross huh?) and locate Karis who is hiding in the heart of the beast. There you will face Karis in her true demonic form. Bring her down because you are Sander’s last hope!! Take back Sander!!

Last but not least, cap it up as you can reach Level 70!!

New Fields to Explore

Visit two new sites in the vast deserts of Sander. Battle the trocks and demonic foes… and Tentacles… Yes… you heard me right… Tentacles. I will let your imagination run with that one. AND THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!!

Behemoth Crater has to be my favorite of the two. I love the central structure and the goopy looking lake. Wouldn’t want to swim in that.

New ItemMall Stuff (Doctor’s Set)

The dungeons of Sander are quite challenging and some of you are going to need medical attention after being beaten down monsters. Dress the part in these new Doctor Costume Sets!

~Cuddles :-DDD

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